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Honda CBR 250R

Posted by Muhammad Jibril Saturday, May 19, 2012 0 comments
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Honda CBR 250R has a new appearance, sporty design with a sporty full fairing design that is inspired by models of Honda & Honda CBR1000RR VFR1200F. The consumer is guaranteed to comfortably drive with the latest motorcycle Honda dai. to know more about this new Honda, let us look with new information.

Honda CBR 250R is equipped with ABS type of new technology Combined Antilock Braking System (Combined-ABS). This technology is the incorporation of technology Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Brake Combi.

This technology was first applied in the world for 250cc motorcycles. These technologies provide effective braking performance during sudden braking or on slippery road conditions.

Honda CBR 250R is equipped with a type of STD only type Combi Brake

Combined-ABS is an amalgamation Combi-Brake system with ABS system, which if the foot brake pedal is pressed, then the ABS system will work on front and rear wheels in proportion, whereas if the hand brake lever is pressed, then the ABS system will work on the front wheels only.
Antilock Braking System is a braking system that prevents wheel locking that occurs on sudden or hard braking. This system will work when some or all wheel stopped while the motor is still making the vehicle sped out of control.

In this type of Combined-ABS equipped with 3 piston on the front brake, speed sensor (speed sensor) on the front and rear wheels that function detecting the condition of the vehicle, and the ABS ECU modulator contained therein. ECU processes information from the speed sensor and controls the hydraulic pressure that led to each kaliper.Dengan keep the wheels are not locked, safe and effective braking at the time of sudden braking or on slippery road conditions (rain).

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